Insurance That Covers Tubal Reversal

Insurance That Covers Tubal Reversal

If you’re looking for insurance that covers tubal reversal, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the difficulties people face while getting a tubal reversal and why financing is often a hurdle in the way.

Before going into detail about the tubal reversal financing or insurance options, we’ll discuss the procedure and who could potentially be willing to get it done.

Who Can Get Tubal Reversal Surgery?

If you decided to have your fallopian tubes tied at some point in your life, it means you’d never be able to have kids. However, what if you change your mind? What if the situation changed and now, you’re in a much happier and kinder environment, ready to raise kids?

Let us give you an example of such a situation. For example, a woman in an abusive relationship might get her tubes tied because she does not want to be stuck in an abusive household to give her child a roof over his or her head.

Or, she may not want to bring a child into such an abusive environment.

When she finally manages to walk away from the relationship, she may end up with a man who loves her. Now that she is in a kinder space, she may want to have kids. What does she do? She gets a tubal reversal surgery, which will allow her to have kids.

If you can relate to this situation, then you must be looking for insurance that covers tubal reversal.

Well, sorry to break it to you like this, but there aren’t many – or even one – insurance options that cover tubal reversal surgery. Unfortunately, most insurance providers regard it unnecessary surgery, almost like plastic surgery, denying financial assistance.

Why Is There No Insurance that Covers Tubal Reversal?

There are many reasons that insurance companies use to support their stance of not covering tubal reversal surgery.

First and foremost, the surgery can cost up to $10,000, which is quite a hefty sum.

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Secondly, there’s no surety that a woman who has tubal reversal surgery will get pregnant. Most women get turned away by doctors as surgeons refuse to perform the surgery if they feel that the chances of conceiving aren’t very high.

Almost 50% of the women are denied a tubal reversal surgery.

Of the women that do get tubal reversal surgery, about 50% can get pregnant. Thus, due to the high cost of the surgery and the low likelihood of the woman getting pregnant, insurance providers do not have any options for women who want to get tubal reversal surgery.

Other Options for Covering Tubal Reversal Surgery

If your insurance doesn’t cover tubal reversal surgery, that’s no reason to lose hope and give up the thought of bearing children again. There are some other ways to finance the surgery, but you’ll have to do some research of your own to find out if you’re eligible for those methods.

Clinics Payment Plans

When you’re selecting a clinic for getting a tubal reversal surgery, make sure that you opt for one that offers different payment plans. For instance, some clinics offer an installment plan, so you can pay for your procedure in monthly installments.

Although this does not reduce the cost, it does help you pay for the procedure without putting yourself in debt.

Also, some clinics offer discounted tubal ligation surgeries. If you can find such a clinic in your locality, you should ask them about the discount they’re offering and get a consultation as soon as possible.

However, make sure to check the surgeon’s credentials and experience before going to him or her. If your surgeon isn’t fit for the procedure or lacks experience, they can complicate things.

Moreover, you can look around for clinics that may be sponsoring procedures for women. For example, earlier in 2020, A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center in Raleigh held a contest for women who wanted to get tubal reversal surgery.

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The participants had to send in their stories, and the women with the most compelling reason to get tubal reversal were selected as the winners for the free surgery.

The surgeon who started the contest pledged to give free tubal reversal surgeries to four women every year.

Now, we know that opportunities like this do not surface every day, but you should keep an eye out for such offers.

Infertility & Reproduction Organizations

If you feel like you’re not finding help anywhere in your locality, reach out to online organizations. For example, Resolve has been working tirelessly for 45 years to provide support and guidance to people regarding reproductive matters.

You may not find a payment plan for your tubal reversal surgery, but you’ll find support from people who understand your circumstances.

Similarly, you can also go to the website of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, as they have plenty of information on the subject.

American Fertility Association is another organization that is dedicated to helping people make informed decisions about their reproductive issues.


To sum it up, we’ll say that you should try and save up for the procedure or get help from relevant organizations. Unfortunately, there is no insurance that covers tubal reversal, so you’re on your own.

It’s about time that the government and NGOs work for bringing a change in the insurance policies. But until that’s done, you’ll have to find a way to pay for the procedure from your own pocket or get financial assistance from the clinic.


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